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Tiny - Cut it off lyrics

To all yall women out there, you let these n***as make a fool out you, man stop man get a new one man

It ain't nun to cut that dick off(cut that dick off, cut that-cut that dick off)(2x)
I know thats your man ho
He ain't got no fans though

Finessin' bout a chick,he know he just another fan ho
You say you the plug but that n***a ain't got a gram though
Your n***a just a logo, i know bossed in japan ho
It ain't nun to cut that dick off(2x)

Verse 2(shekinah)
So what you sayin ho
I know thats your man ho
Send your n***a back to you once i run it ? ?(ho)
Never trust a n***a, thought i told your lame a** that(that)
You thought you was something cause i let you lick the cat(cat)
Had to let you go cause i see your really wack(wack)
Low budget a** n***a never send you any stict(never)
Really turned you up when they seen you out with me(aye 5x)
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You though you was lucky a** you did was pay a fee(aye)
Ran around with this sash, you know this sh** ain't for free
I need G's you ain't got it so you can't f** with me
Man i cut that n***a off!


Chorus (2x)

Verse 3(Tiny)
Stead stalkin up his page wonderin' how does she do that(lookin a**)
That instagram boutique sh** you got on b**h is wack(laughs)
Im playin round with them M's and they say that p**y fat(it is)
Ridin round my city in the back of my mayback
Now you know a b**h spoiled, now what you gon' do with that(straight up)
In and out of this country b**h, i got stamps(throwin money ho)
You b**hes stay in line, im a boss, ho fall back(fall back)
40 carrots on my finger baby, hate on that(hate on that b**h)



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