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Tiny Moving Parts - Amateur Night lyrics

It's another summer Saturday night
the werewolves are laughing outside.
What do you except with the moon this bright?
you hear your parents in the kitchen
repetition of conversations
you bury your body
in sweaty sheets
and your pillow is filled with regret.
All the feathers have left.
another weekend comes,
and you feel so numb
yeah you feel scared
you feel so dumb
You don't know what to do,
except hope for the best.
You pray to a god to help you out with the rest.
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You pray to a god to help you out with the rest,
Yet you are young and feel useless
far from religious.
I'm just being honest.

Well I don't need no 9-5's to comprehend a lifeline,
there are far better ways to be using up my time.
With no understandings from both of our parents
we have a great time with our best friends in this basement.
This couch is long and full of friendship,
and I know they're not wasting their time
and so am I.

I say "Let go of the wolves"
Feast on me you animals.
Let go of the wolves.
taste my courage.

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