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Timothy Brindle - My Life Cypha lyrics

Ahh you think
That I could make it
Without Christ in my mind, my mind

[Verse 1: Phanatik]
First things first, I was the worst of the worst
Cursed from dirt, I came to Earth in a hurst
Grew in my arrogance, why in my errorless
Out on the record, I'm not proud
What I'm sharing's just to
Fact of the matter moms come back up the data
Another soul cracked before
Just had cracks in my character
French was my accent, every sentence I was swearing at ya'
Parked on the bench with my henchmen
Known for staring at ya'
Stirring up trouble trouble hubble without a cause
A stone from the d**h, next pebble about to toss
Never touched a drug, I just thugged without the floss
Until I met some emcees who presented me with the Cross

[Verse 2: Amba**ador]
That proves life without Christ is bugged out
Cause when you Christless you really lifeless
Like when the blinds with the buds out
When indwellin' sin is involved
Bad deeds come, but good ones are done
In the vendom of God
And the poof of the move was in the snitchin'
I used to booze smoke on the roof in the sniffin'
While other dudes up in the crew were in the kitchen
Twitchin' itchin'
To see if the winner rock was gettin' lit in [?]
Listen in vision, it's kinda livin' the Christian
Just livin' like this in, just forgettin' this mission
Uh oh now hit the double arrow next scene
Seen my life in Christ, now how this dude get clean


[Verse 3: Timothy Brindle]
I was blind to the light, spiritual cataracts
The rhymes in the light were lyrics to battle cats
I was my own god, I was so flod
I even stole wats, from my own mall
Took a gold quarter
Had mad diseases
Now I read his Word in the morning than watch Catholic preaches
I used to laugh at Jesus and at believers
I even called crap and thesis masterpieces
But now I cherage Christ
And He loved his parasite
And spared my life, someone buried ite
For Him, I spit cronks [?] to deserve it
With joy the bubbles over light in dishwashing detergent

[Verse 4: Shai Linne]
What would Jesus do? Make these heathens new
Wanna know my testimony? Read Ephesians 2
Gettin' high wit' my friends, with my eyes on some rims
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Tryna buy me a benz, 'bout to die in my sins
Beyond conviction, not listenin' to what my mind was kickin'
For the Bible is filled with contradictions
Then I read it got confronted with the fact
That contradictions were like weapons and ma** destruction in Iraq
Couldn't find him so, the Lord gave me a brighter glow
Or mics I flow, that Christ would be highlighted though
But check the equasion that got me excited bro
He dipped his brown man and red blood and came out white as snow


[Verse 5: Tru-Life]
I knew the Lord as a young boy
Over preteen
Shortly after I was captured and raptured by the street
Seen sung the steat ream [?] I slung the heat mean
And if I brought the ruckus I cut up the beast lean
Was something a neat scene to be lurking up my person
Working into my scenes and it wasn't the genes
Could it be wit' this King who was stretched on the beam
Was calling me? To play my position on his team?
No more out of bounds or foul balls I deemed
To be something more important than adults, know what I mean
The blood made me gleam, this love let me see
The 180 was crazy but exactly what a brother needs

[Verse 6: Redeemed Thought]
Tutes and Berbonite, both churches deserted Christ
Perverted, murder is tight, flooding with skirts
In the night
The danger is tight, playing as Satan's "angels o' light"
Deranged wit' a mic, faking the life, dating your wife
Two-Two face cold hearted b-lying a dollar our dollar to
Who choose grace war started dying I gotta trust
Eyes open wide shut lie tryna hide lust
Despising the mind that's bawlin' all the time
The evil within seasons need to condemn
But Jesus amenity's good he bleeded for men
We could pretend we're perfect raised up in surburban churches
But all of our hearts are dark from the start and God is searchin' us


[Verse 7: The Tonic]
I was the drunk guy fake like had
Heat in the trunk eye
Not a punk guy they gave not castolunkt eye
Rick James CD want a delicate pull over funk guy
Rock 'em crisp EDR they punked eye
Brown guy, fox hunter, aiming with fogarity
Lady lovable four-snipe brought us back to popularity
Clarity smash "fun" when I'm done, met the Savior
His behavior changes, like provisions of my nature
Next I'm church word comin' off the page
Preacher from the poopit like he had a gauge
Doin' the age of black power forced God supremacy
God lead me to His Son
Now I'm walking in His energy


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