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Tilden Dexter - Dynomite lyrics


Thanksgiving is a special night...Jimmie Walker used to say, "DY-NO-MITE!!!"

[Verse 1: Tilden Dexter]

Cuz I....
Brings my drama like unibomber tape files
You can't see I nor be I, Ray Charles style
Smooth like Miles, move like bowels as I flex styles
Move the crowd, flipping vowels saved in text files
Agile, buckwild, trust no one X-Files
This world's foul, twisted grill screwed up mad cows
Defining that symmetry in T Dexter vo-cals
Banging in the industry while lamens going po-stal
And who's that, smooth like liquid plasma
16 bars, 8 stanzas divide the lecture
Rude repertoire from here to Madagascar
Flow so hot, it'll take the chill out of Alaska
So who's the next ta-ta to test this major
Brigadier general, lieutenant officer
Lining up my fleet, dying to catch ya
Tidying up the street, rhyming the texture
Spitting bars, lamens terms, rhyming scripture
Sick like SARS, spitting germs, so who's the next to
Savor the flavor in sealed canisters
Damaging you like Jeru the Damaja
Danger Danger! Full steel metal rapper
Hardcore to Christian, Christ still my savior
3 boys on the climb as Nightbreed the flow-freakers
Remind you of the Good Times like J.J. 'cause we are

[Hook: Reggie Mack (LK)]

Better label me dangerous... (I'm dynomite)
Better get down with us...(I'm dynomite)
Bout to get hazardous... (I'm dynomite)
(We like... We like... We like...We like D-Y-N-O-M-I-T-E)


[Verse 2: LK]

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I got a flavor seal dog, so my lyrics stay fresh
Put images in your mind like a lyrical paintbrush
I don't drink much, never blazed the Dutch
What people say about me never fazed me much
Talk is cheap, like Omar, I'm In Too Deep
You cats bore me, got me falling fast asleep
Talking all that junk, throw it in the trash heap
You cats are all clones like Dolly the sheep
I bring it original, which means unlike any other
Y'all bamas bring the Parkay, I bring the butter
I don't push a Benz, wear platinum or make millions
No video, but still get you hyped like Williams
On a mission to Mars, spitting 16 bars
As a kid, I was told to shoot for the stars
Cats breaking piggy banks, taking money out of jars
'Cause they wanna hear me flow, they tired of amateurs


[Verse 3: Jay Biggz]

The boy back... Y'all gotta excuse me man. I just got this new phone. I'm jye multi-tasking. What up L & Tilden!!!

Like I said, the boy glistening
I never needed awards, certificates or medals, my voice glycerin
My tongue is a flame
Whether it's my bun or the game, I'm destined to hit... Consecutive hits
It's just words from the skinny author
They call the kid Dynomite like I'm Jimmie Walker
I'm just a penny-thoughter... Punchlines, got so many thought up
That on a penny off one, I make plenty off em
Like a milli off em
Meanwhile y'all get deals to imitate... Them Milli Vanilli offers
LOL you guys be fake
What cake? SOZ IDK
PLZ, BLT, the bankroll
But G2G, see he fly well
Until you get your weight up, TTYL


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