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Thy Nemesis - Ratcatcher lyrics

Rat Catcher - pied piper
Leader of the rats
They drown - in ma**es
No single rat survives
So play now - they follow
You leader of the rats

The plague came into town
And rats reigned all the streets
They swarmed in all houses
Rustled in bed

As it got worse and worser
They offered a reward
One day a traveller came to town
The stranger took a small black pipe
And he began to whistle
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All the rodents heared his call
The melody was irresistable

A dark grey worm of rats followed him to the river
He went into the water and kept on whistling
All rats followed and plunged straight into the water
And they all drowned wretched - no single rat remained

As the stranger didn't get his payment
He left bittered and he swore revenge
A few weeks pa**ed till he returned
He took out his pipe and whistled again

Everyone got charmed
They didn't realize
What happened around them
The children heared his call

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