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Thundrbird - While She Sleeps lyrics

[Verse 1]
Lost control of everything no going back
We're all running on the wrong track
The mirror is filled with fog
Lost sight of reality, the shock
No need to bring up the future just thrown
It won't change it's written in stone
All memories are fading
All respect is evading
Gotta take these pill to make it feel ok
To live life you gotta pay
Am i going up or going down
It's getting dark in this town
Time to find the cure to growing older
We all know, figure it out cold shoulder
Get back to your family we know you'll be missed
When my family's trying to get rid of me in the midst
Can't cover it up this isn't a conspiracy
This is just me with my creativity
So don't blame me for being me
Telling me to drop dead nice activity
Long shot with this lost cause give up the negativity
I'm sippin' in my car waiting for you never wanted it to end up like this
Looks like i gotta bad selectivity

While she sleeps
Feeling empty inside
Only will last for a bit
The d** are over there
Back to the dark hole
Back to the drinking
She left my side
Like i'm ready to die

[Verse 2]
In the end we don't know what we're doing
Making the wrong choices is sadly what we're pursuing
Spilling blood for the wrong reasons, the d**h does us apart
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Gotta start over and move the mountains lets take charge
I never thought i'd be doing this sh** so clean
Listen closely my senses are so keen
I've been dead for too long it's f**in' hazardous
Bring my mutha f**in life back like i'm lazarus
Sirens are going off i'm already dead
I guess i should've paid attention ahead
The only time you'll see me sad is in my grave
But even then i'll have a tombstone with a gold engrave
Live til i die, hell yeah that's a no brainer
Unless you're living a lie, what are you, a fake entertainer?
The only way i know is straight ahead
Can't go back so why think about it when you're dead?
I knew it was you all this time so why don't you listen?
Just stay with me and i'll prism your vision


[Verse 3]
I'm nothing close to being normal
Came straight from the sky i'm paranormal
With a different way of thinking never human
But that doesn't matter cuz i'm here to illumine
The whole world as a matter of fact
My core thoughts can never be tracked
Everyone in my family didn't want to care
The only times they were there were rare
Like i knew nothing about everybody in town
That's cause i would always get shot down
Iv'e lived always lived my life by DIY
So i'll be fine when i'm XXI
Most things won't get any better than this
Most of my life all i wanted was a kiss
Well i got that and nothing feels different
Most people around me are all acting ignorant
There are somethings about me you'll never see
Even though for most of my life i just gave you a key
You are whatever you want to be just believe
Lay me down i want to get some f**in' sleep


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