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Thundrbird - Waste Of Time lyrics

[Verse 1]
Calling you but you never pick up the phone
You say you care but then you leave me alone
Telling me you'll change for sure
I just look back i'm not sure
I wonder if you even think about me
Well i think about you to degree
Staying up late just to see a response
But you don't even care nonchalance
Comin' back i can't help it i'm so obsessed
Girl i'm just trying my best to impress
The danger is so low
But i know you won't show
Shortest response you can come up with
Leaving nothing to tell no traces no wish
Let the shooting star fall right past you
No real feelings no real pain too
Just a bunch of blurred out meanings
A waste of time that never pleases
Count all the lucky stars in the sky
But your jealous lifestyle will never say goodbye

I'm sick of waiting and wasting
Waking then pacing
It's all just a waste of time
All just a waste of time
What a waste of time
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Lights have been dimmed down
Curtains closed and no one's around
There's no edge to see the ground
Everybody has fallen we lost the sound
I can see the truth arise im earth bound

[Verse 2]
It's like a piece of me i'll never get back
You stabbed me in the back that's your attack
Breathing just enough to survive
Everything else is gone by a deprive
I can't help it closing my eyes
Gonna run away to the skies
How can i lose something i don't have?
Can't even think straight my brains been halve
Sanity has left me don't know where its hiding
Trying to go with the flow i'm just riding
Figuring out the truth then i say "f** it man"
Not even gonna try anymore just a f**in' scam
Iv'e always been at it on my own
Will I even matter if i'm known?
Only a couple people been by my side
Turning back was i on the wrong side?
Now i just ignore hows it feel?
People actually calling sh**s unreal
Telling me they were there the whole time
But they're voice mail was such a paradigm


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