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Thundrbird - This Could Be Us lyrics

This could be us but i guess i dont fit
I never knew that you would quit
Cuz you tightened your grip
It's got me drinking i admit
Can't believe i'm saying that
But I can see the truth when we chat
This could be us but i guess you don't want it
But this all you ever wanted
This could be us but you playin'
When you said you weren't stayin'
What could've been us was our whole lives
Spendin it together but i guess thats not right

[Verse 1]
Maybe it's the d** that you kissed
Or maybe it's because you're pissed
You're s**ually frustrated
I'm just tryna hit it
But you've been playing to long
Telling me I'm in the wrong
Looking at yourself in the mirror
As if it will make anything clearer
But maybe it's disgust
You should of discussed
It but to busy playing on your phone
Then you can't figure out why you're alone
Those pictures you left me
Got me tryna get you as an interviewee
But you'll just call it off
Like you do with no pause

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It's never gonna work
Hearts half opened its cirque
Making it turn white
I could die tonight
Could die tonight

This could be us


[Verse 2]
So f** feelings
On my heart just like leeches
I got you so mad like it wasn't your fault
You're right you got me swamped
She's the thorn on the rose
Getting high off the lows
I'm trying my hardest I swear it shows
So why did I think you would be like the other hoes
Looks like I have a weakness for them
Or maybe it's cuz you're just looking for men
But this love will last for longer than it needs
It's not my fault you pushed me in a the sheets
I know you don't care but I do
Or at least I used too
I mean how the f** am I supposed to feel?
Like it never happened? Ok it's a done deal



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