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Thundrbird - So Glad I Found You lyrics

[Verse 1]
Dropped my books in the hallway she helped me pick them up
We looked eye to eye its weird felt like i knew her somewhat
Never cloudy days and never astray it's always sunny
Has a power over me makin' me spend all my money
I swear i've seen her in magazines
Always showing up in my dreams
The things you'd do for the girl that you love
Changing up your lifestyle that's not enough
But i can't complain this is better than any drug
My friends tell me "you're stuck" they got a jealous mug
Then she gives me a hug everything feels okay
So real and so surreal yet it all feels like a cliche
Looks like a million bucks to me a special phenomenon
We runnin' this place together it's a mutha' f**in' echelon

Beautiful girls everywhere
It's so hard not to stare
We'd make a good pair
I'm so glad i found you

[Verse 2]
I got infected by your venom
I like them tight jeans denim
I'm wrapped around your finger
Not gonna make me a freethinker
Were wild and young forever i swear
Show me your love no one else can compare
This isn't just another love song more like non fiction
So listen to your second guesses don't make her an addiction
She walked right out of that door I lost vision
Feels worse than it's ever been i'm tryna' be hidden
The right words just can't come out
I'm starting to have strong doubt
Did it really have to end like this?
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As if it never felt the same since
Never thought i'd be caught in your web of lies
Won't get the best of me never gonna agonize
I can't believe she saying its just a harmless affair
What it's not her problem and life is just unfair? f** that because..


[Verse 3]
Moved on to the next girl who seemed nice
Started to do something with my life roll the dice
Still look back and wonder what could have been
What didn't happened never should have been
So to my disbelief she tried and called me
Left one hell of a voice mail wanting sympathy
Can't fall for the easiest trick in the book
Wants to steal my heart what a crook
Told her no then hung up the phone
Sitting in silence all alone
Never took life seriously
Always lived life deliriously
All the stars in the sky couldn't change my mind
No way i could go back and get undermined
Don't see guilt in her eyes
I can hear all her lies
Nobody else can see only me
Heart filled with pain and debris
So i get back on my feet can't drown
Nothings ever gonna bring me down
Smiling at all the dirty looks no care
So out my head not even aware
I'm not hating on ever girl out there
There's still some hope
But right now feels like a horoscope
Not to push the envelope


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