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Thundrbird - Rain lyrics

[Verse 1]
Don't know why I ever started
Did she care before being departed
If I could go back in time maybe I'd never write a verse
Too bad I can't change my past and adverse
The time was wrong it got so bad
Talking all this sad nothing made me glad
I picked up the knife right to my throat
Couldn't think of some bullsh** quote
Surrounded by fake friends and real lies
No one to talk to who could realize
She was over it like the next best song
But I'm not about to sing along
It was more than just her on my mind
Talking about life like is there a reason to f**in' rhyme?
Pick up that knife again and I'll be homicidal
Made a couple songs just enough to made fun of
But I didn't care at the end of the day I felt love
Just to get it off my chest
Trying to get that chick to undress
Write a dumb song
Not like the pain will be gone
You never gave a sh**
But I thought you gave it quick
Just another lie on your resume
But I'll never pay

But when the rain clears
I'll be there till the very end for years
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The thunderstorm is just a distraction
No more apologies for just a reaction
So follow me just like its maxim
Whatever happens i'm the phantom
You feel me baby i've been waiting for you
Everything's going bad, don't know what to do

[Verse 2]
I take to long to worry about the past
f**ed up on something that doesn't last
I'm on the inside looking out
Seeing what i made filled with doubt
Then i look to my side, haunted
Doing all this sh** is all i ever wanted
Coming out of the ashes burning the past there's no roof
I thought i was dead inside but i realized the f**in' truth
I'm more than i thought i was so f** em all
My mental state is growing like i'm never gonna fall
Life revisioned like i have a third eye
Not gonna die, so why should i live high
Tomorrows burning like i set the fire
I already poured out the gasoline and here's my lighter
Trying to burn all the painful reminders
While life's going down like some recliners
Light is so strong it burns my eyes
I can't act like its a surprise
I'm living in an unknown world watching the moonrise
Waited long enough it's my time to arise

I know what to do

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