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Thundrbird - Never Change (feat. Trouble X) lyrics

[Verse 1] (Thundrbird)
I was the only one with the balls and shows them off
Make your little f**ing jokes but that's your loss
f** off actin' like an exec you're just a listener
How can you hate when you're nothing just a prisoner
Who thinks he's got taste cuz you know the hot sh** on the radio
Don't know the hardships just stories of the f**ing studio
Who thinks he's important Hiding behind a computer
You're not a rap god so don't tutor
You just read one page you don't know the f**ing story
Don't know the depression just the derogatory
Talk that loops through my mind like an echo
But I don't got 15 minutes no geico, no gecko
Gotta start fresh but can't erase the past
Creepin in the back weather sets as overcast
So I can't do this because my music doesn't get any f**in hits?
How can I be coming from my home with no ones help just hypocrites
These f**ing kids talking trash couldn't even take out their own trash
f** they talkin about never wrote a verse but act like a smash
Trying to tell my story when you b**hes are stuck in the history
Trying to give the game a pa** but looks you don't want a victory
Going through a lot but you think you know my life that sh**s just a fable
Not giving a f** if my outcome comes in a package labeled fatal
Cause i'll...

Never Change, stay the same
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Even if the people hate, never change

[Verse 2] (Trouble X)
Never change, still the same guy you used to know
Yeah It's strange, see these hatin' n***as on the low
We don't pay em no attention we just let it go
I'm the king tall connection you already know
Like a bomb in iraq, k** the flow and the track
I was raised in a shack yeah i let em know
Yeah the real n***as specs speak the truth and the facts
C flow on the rap gotta let it show
Like J. Cole and Tyga, yeah i got soul like Tyga
I'm the last king put these n***as under
I don't wear bling if you ever wonder
I'm the real thing you are just the blunder
I'm your worst nightmare raining thunder
I be east London, shout out E C
Like Stevie Wonder can't see me
Shout out P E, shout out G P
They say gladiator, quick to see a hater
Even from a distance i'm just young gifted
Doin' what I got to do to keep my paper up
Everything i've been through only made me up
Like a bed in the morning i be waking up
All these other n***as s**ers they just wet it up


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