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Thundrbird - k**in' It lyrics

[Verse 1]
I was making this sh** when you weren't listening
But now i've made my own shooting for the stars its glistening
I would listen to the radio almost laughing
Like "this is all you're offering, this wack rapping?"
The list goes on and on about these stupid lyricists gimmicks
But how can you be a lyricist when you can't write your own mutha f**in lyrics
Talking to my friends like they actually give a sh**
When i turn my back now that's all they're talking i'm pissed
Trying my hardest just to get you to watch this teaser
But they been treating me so cold like they put me in the mutha f**in' freezer

I already told you i don't need your f**ing help
You've only been slowing me down telling me how i felt
I got it on my own
f** yeah i'm not gonna answer my phone
All me all alone, who would of known
So get the f** out of my zone

[Verse 2]
I dropped the hottest sh** of the year
But it must of burned through your ears or something
Cuz no one's talking about it
Which is so f**ed up like an uncle touching a cousin
I'll just drive real fast in my car
I leave you haters behind like the exhaust
I feel like this don't feel right
You got me on the bottle again like im getting lost
I'm telling you now i'm here to stay
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Don't worry about it or say it again
It can't be taught or thought
Put a f**ing question mark on neil degra**e tyson
But i still keep it strong with these songs
Like i'm really working my bones off to my skin
Now that's a little a** backwards
Like the thinking of the heroes losing to the villain


[Verse 3]
Open my eyes and see the truth behind the wall
These White b**hes next to me are drunk off fireball
sh** it's just another night but I love it
Only a year ago they never knew that I exist
If you have doubts then click off
But if you listen you better not f**in' pause
Cause if you stop the flow you'll bring the madness
Watching the world burn it's a goddamn sadness
If you don't f** with me then don't act like you do
Cause I hear your whispers when you should be shouting, true
I'm reppin Phx, send me a text
I'm looking for s**, f** off execs
I don't need a record deal
I'll do it on my own and k**
I'm just trying to make money where they doubted
Cuz they don't wanna see me win the game is crowded
My own dads blinded by the devil
Can't take my music b**h get on my level
It's Thundrbird

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