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Thundrbird - Girl That You Love lyrics

[Verse 1]
Can't seem to get you out of my dreams
I'm tryna' get you apart of my schemes
Say no but if you ever change your mind
You'll know where to find me confined
So stay for as long as you can, don't go
We'll live young forever and never grow
A beautiful smile don't cover it up
Put your hand down who cares if they judge
Maybe this is the end of all things
Will i be the lucky one she brings?
We both now this'll remain the same
Change isn't easy when you're a dame
No words can express the truth
Your eyes your hair and your youth
No more romantic stories
I'm already twisting allegories

This might be the d**h of me so i shout
I can see the truth in your eyes and the doubt
Shoot for the atmosphere above
This is for the girl that you love

[Verse 2]
The sight of you is like listening to the Beatles
I can't think of anything else that it equals
I'd drop everything and leave the country
As long as you come with me humbly
If i had the money we'd see the whole world
It can always be reserved
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Throw rocks at my window and i'll come out
I'm never gonna be that drunken lout
So don't panic it's all good no sweat
I might be the one you want to forget
Nobody else can compare
I'm not sure if you're aware
Just doing this for you
Come on let's go get a tattoo
Really acting all nervous
Tryna' keep it cool on the surface


[Verse 3]
If they take my things i won't mind
As long as i have you i'm fine
Everybody's wasted and in love
While i'm being dragged through the sand, it's rough
In the end it's about what's true
So what if i woke up next you
Only time will tell whats next
What if you respond with a text
I just hope i don't get forgotten
Because it's easy to feel misbegotten
Don't hide in the dark turn on the lights
All i need to do is think of you then write
Maybe this has just gone too far
Well i'm trying to become a superstar
You're more than just a brick in the wall
My minds just an empty white hall


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