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Thundrbird - Echo lyrics

[Verse 1]
Most of my old friends wanna hit me up to smoke
I said na, trying to make music while they choke
I guess i must of grown up okay
It sure as hell doesn't feel that way
Sometime i feel i'm at my worst
Then i look to my side and see a curse
Like sh**, is that really even me?
Came from hating everybody
Back when i couldn't even talk out loud
They talk about me and the negative was aloud
But the talk only wanted me to be better
So f** em all whatever
Tryna make it on my own
No help, a standalone
Asking me to parties it's tempting
But music is what i'm really attempting
Won't believe me when i say i'm not in it for the money
My work is free cuz i'm havin' fun with this journey
Doing my own sh** havin the time of my life
When most of them tryna get a wife (what?)
So guess who's back to k** it
The one you think who couldn't spit
So f** em all its all me
The pressures rising but you can't see
It's my turn to turn you down
Ill hapily do it, f**in drown
Matter a fact wheres my crown?
My life can feel like a war
Doesn't mean i winning, well who am i fighting for?

People die, people cry
Listen closely you can hear the echo
Echo, echo, the echo
People talk, people walk
But f** em all cause i can hear the echo
Echo, echo, the echo
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[Verse 2]
I'm giving it all this time there's no handouts
When i gave it all you had your doubts
So i know where i'm going i chose the right f**in side
The pain is too real so i could never f**in hide
Can't give up cut the cord end up suicide
Holding on to life like i gotta reason that's justified
They can talk sh** about me but now all i hear is love
Nod my head, turn away and then continue the day
In the end i laugh while i watch them play
It doesn't matter cuz half of you'll praise me
While the other jerks off and leaves a bad comment, i doubt ill see
The truths been there echoin' in my head
I just had to put in song what i said
It really matters to me when it gets read
Take a look at their life and have a good laugh
So keep hating, youre the show and guess what it's f**in' trash!


[Verse 3]
Don't come up to me acting like you were there
I never needed it lets compare
Looked like i wasted my time for 2 years
Working hard changing gears fighting off my fears
Back when you though it wasn't cool
If you come looking for me you're the fool
Stayed in the ring on my 2 feet wanted you tap in
But i beat that mutha f**ing a** and never thought where you been
Because i already knew the truth is in my head
Kick him to the curb who gives a sh**, leave him for dead
Tossing and turning but tryna sleep in my bed
So i had to forget it all instead
I recorded this track all on my own so if it's trash i'm the only one to f**in blame
But if it's the f**ing best thing and breaks records you know i earned the mutha f**in fame!


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