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Thundrbird - Forreal (feat. Rudy & Ernie) lyrics

[Verse 1: Rudy]
My n***a bernie ain't f**in with you
This ain't 'bout the rhymes we speakin' the truth
We'll take all yo sh** and f** yo b**h too
My n***as a savage he don't know no rules
You f** with my crew i'll take care of you
I won't think twice with the henny on my left and my tool on the right
Shoot back and i'll improvise this ain't my first ride
f** you mean my homies ride or die
Jake pump the 12 ernie pack the mac dobies smokin that loud pack
And i'll hit you with the AK all over your back

[Verse 2: Thundrbird]
Tryna get paid, these bars are d**
Cut and sellin em but watch out for slugs
Becoming a man, wrong things for right reasons
With these hard times coming and going like seasons
Its hard realizing the truth behind the lies
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Sometimes the truth is absent so analyse
Drop a new album hell drop a new single with logic
I'll show you some f**in' logic and get pedagogic
b**hes get pissed thinkin' i'm dissing them
I tell em "watch yourself, you'll blow your rpm"
So f** those who don't care about the music
I'm tryna save what's left, come back to make it public

[Verse 3: Ernie]
Been in this cold world 18 years
Already f**ed up in enough beers
Now my momma in tears
The first night i slipped up got the officers slappin on them cold cuts
But i guess that just wasn't enough
f**ed around twice and this time i stopped and opened up my eyes with the 20 to life charge
Ain't no one tryna be hard this is just what i do or what i did
f** i don't know if this is the life i still gonna live
All i know i wanna do is live in the moment

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