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Thunder Lord - Vagabund Souls lyrics

Maybe you don't believe
Because your eyes don't see
But I now they are here
Watching you watching me

I don't know what they want
Or where they will go
Something they are looking for
They are lock in this world

Something in his lives never closed
It's too late to change this curse
They will wander eternally
Until God forgive his sins

Hell or heaven never found
When they die lost his souls
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The peace and the tranquility
Is the only things that they needs

For a reason they are here
A violent d**h change his being
Tortured souls are now
Without found the other side path

When you enter to a room
And feel that you are not alone
It's better turn on the light
And be careful with the dark

Like the shadows they go
They can possess your souls
Don't call them in the night
Cause they bring d**h not the life


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