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Thugga Ma**ina - Kick It lyrics

Kick it with a young boss, baby we can get lost
Let that top back on my ride, baby when you ready let's vibe
And we gon kick it (kick it with a young boss)
Girl let's go kick it (kick it with a young boss)
Like how I kick it (kick it with a young boss)
You wanna kick it? (kick it with a young boss)

[Verse 1]
You think them n***as ill? Wait until you get a load of me
They trying to f** Ms. Parker, I'm Professor Oglevee
Ornament - I'm on these trees, hoe from Brazil
She got a fat cat and she keep my gar filled
Put you in some tall heels, walk away from all the drama
Them run on sentence n***as, they ain't got no commas
I'll let you see more like the dog on Futurama
Them n***as can't see me, I'm the Wayans' Brother mama
Got that number from the hummer 'cause she liked what I said
Now she bare in the bed with me like Ted
I teach her bout bread, take her out of this world
Beat that monkey up like the Powerpuff Girls
And now she's all in mi casa, naked cooking me pasta
My weed's louder than Flocka, She kiss the balls - Ibaka
And give me that Kim Parker, yeah i'm talking 'bout that stupid brain
Then I cream on her face like she's Gucci Mane


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If you ask me for a dollar, baby you can have two
If you want some red bottoms, I'll make you a baboon
I don't wanna stall but let's take it to the bathroom
Give you brain and all, shawty welcome to my cla**room

[Verse 2]
n***as want c**aine, I bring them cookies over like new neighbors
f**ing with my game, you need two controllers, I'm too player
No plain hoes, I'm too major, I need some b**hes that's gorgeous
You are one and you are too so get on top of this joystick
They say boy quit, I say smoke this then I hand them hoes a blunt
And now they got them legs separated like Avant
In my bed doing stunts, eating p**y, tooting a** up
Let ‘em know they can split the pole without bad luck
Girl this ain't no alley oop so you shouldn't pa** up
Cutting, f**ing up her head, man I got her gashed up
Homie got her ga**ed up, taking her to Shell
I just keep it short and sweet like Miguel
If you with it, come and kick it


Kick it with a boss, see the way I floss
Girl you wanna ball? We can kick it
Like the way I walk? Like the way I talk?
Like a soccer ball we can kick it
Yeah, Girl, Girl, Yeah, Yeah

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