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In 1993, San Antonio, TX, black metal enthusiasts Swornghoul (guitars), Blackthorn (drums/vocals), and Lord Necron (guitars), clad in corpse paint, raised their collective fists in the sign of the horns, hailing their Scandavian brethren, and formed Thornspawn. The trio released a couple of demos and found themselves opening shows for the likes of Deicide, Mortitian, Incantation, and Vile, gaining them the support of the local metal hordes. In 1997, the band signed a deal with Baphomet records and recruited ex-Necrovore ba**ist Bjorn Haga. With a complete lineup they recorded their debut album Blood of the Holy, Taint Thy Steel, followed by an EP entitled Empress From the Realms of Blasphemy. ~ Kevin Odle, All Music Guide

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