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Think Fast - Think Fast lyrics

T-H, I-N-K, F-A-S-T, that's the way!
A clock is just a bomb, you see
T-H, I-N-K, F-A-S-T, don't delay!
T-I-M-E, running out for you and me!

Time is not some fixed unbroken line
We stumble forward but we can't rewind
No, that frame is gone and time just surges on
Time is unkind, but we waste what we have looking back
Think fast, more of your life just flew past
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Time will ensure that what still remains can never last
Think fast, d**h is a sea that's so vast
Time is a ship that sails on with us tied to the mast
Time is like a bridge that burns behind
And every step you take leaves you confined to the spot you stand
But that's what time demands
Time is designed to keep you in your place on the rack
Time is immense, time can dispense with us without any pretense
Time gave offense, we're in suspense
The past: imperfect; present: tense
Think fast, there is no past and the future's a die yet to be cast

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