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Thepza dee interlude - Bars lyrics

Feat : Phoenix Milan

Verse 1

I hit the homerun with no bat, i keep on striking n*****
Keep on striking like a thunder, keep on frightening n****
Then its all the way to the top i keep on fighting n*****
Say his lines are like punchs keep on ducking n****
Course i aint dumbing n****
I keep on coming n****
I keep my bluzz up like a dragon, spitting fire n****
Till i make it out.
Er'body know am the realest.
Rather f*** fake friends now they just wanna be me.
Surely one day they'll beat me up choke me and k** me.
I mean i see they red eyes i swear they wanna be me.
N*** damn i must unleas the beast deep in me.
I Spit Fire Everytime the beat goes deep within me.
Keep my saviour in my heart like you keep Pac and 50
Keep my saviour in my heart course hell is real believe me.
Keep my saviour in my heart heaven is Oh So Real.
They just told you who the winner and its Oh So Me.


Now i see changes (Am getting paid in full mother f*****)
Its a black moon (Love is what we used to do mother f*****)
Perfect friday (We been riding like tycoons mother f*****)
Hop on my trailer i gon take you back and forth (Mother f***** we own it)

(Verse 2)

I feel original
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I mean my music just went riginal.
Reace you can ask your mirror if am real or nh.
But then come tell me what you see do i appear or not mother f*****.
Course everytime i go raw.
I see they tryna provoke.
I see them tryna hide the hate i see they tryna throw rocks.
I see they imagining things they visualising my fall.
But am no folow the leader type i wont just fall wen you fall.
I practise what i preach like fifteen.
Cant you sign my crew they been asking a Fifteen year old.
Like Bamm Bamm n***a you feel me?
n***a am the smallest now my rap is too crispy.
Dare to start a fight and imma punch u till sixty. (You Feel Me?)
n***a aint no body can defeat me (You Feel Me)
You really gat no clue am the king pinl (You Feel Me)
n***a Aint Nobody Can Stop Me (You Feel Me)
You really gat no clue am the real deal
Now Am Comfanting My Demons Like Look Jesus Just Freed Me.


(Thepza dees Interlude)

Like bra i knew you always had it since day one.
Ever since i met you uve been going hard and hard and hard.
just keep pushing man i know you worth it.

I believe in you rachy.
like its your boy deevo man wat did you expect.
Its me i believe in you.
Like even thou they look down on you now, then i know one day they'll wanna tell your story.

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