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Theory2 - Slimeball Freestyle lyrics


This that don't f** with me, this that no company
This that ima rip tracks you should get back or just run from me
Gravedigger, know the waves bigger, drink straight liquor with paint thinner
I don't give two sh**s about that sh** you spit to J Dilla
All these rappers need to disappear
One shot from me will make it crystal clear
You shootin movies like Richard Gere, when I say cut I mean right here
Shout outs to Sick Thought, Haze got that anthrax
Rap games all f**ed up, emcees need tampax
Flow sick need a IV, wrote this in rehab
I don't know why all these b**hes got 9 kids with 3 dads
Slimeball I'm greased out, come see what we bout
I don't hit yo girls phone she got me on speed dial
Dopehead with a crack pipe, can't sleep I'm too turnt
I don't know how to act right but I dig dirt and I do work
My chain is so cold you might just get brain freeze
I own this microphone bout to charge dudes with late fees
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Quicksand I'm in that, earthquakes I start those
All of y'all just sound the same need price tags with bar codes
You small change I'm big bucks, we don't do refunds
Lookin through these mixtapes it's has-beens and reruns in a trash bin and I'll blast them with a Mac 10 when I creep up
If you askin what I'm packin it's a black pen and a notebook
Smack them with a backhand then follow up with a left hook
Hot sauce I'm And One and I'm on point like Westbrook
Fadeaway or get lost, either way I'm still boss
You can taste this rubber that I'm burnin when I peel off
Baltimore we in this, rep that to the tombstone
Overk** I come through and hit one bird with two stones
Warlock with a horse cock and my doors locked with a deadbolt
Last dude tried to catch me caught whiplash and his neck broke
f** you I'm too raw, p**y boys got dewclaws
Canine and I take mine and my squad rough and your crew soft
Gimme the crown you look dumb in it
Chill back with that weak sh**
Stop, drop, roll down a hill, blow your brains out or just eat sh**
This is the pinnacle I'm a venomous animal ima fill em with enemas I spill em
Say a prayer, put my hand to God, look em right in the eyes when I k** em

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