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Theory2 - John Wick Chapter One lyrics

[Verse 1]
I'm a beast right
Got a semi automatic and a peace pipe
Ima send em all to heaven on a free flight
All you sentimental b**hes gettin beat right
We fight street like, I don't wanna be nice
I don't wanna be the one that's givin em a cheap price
Every time I spit a verse rappers know it be tight
This is not a test I'm the best when I flex in the zone
I'm a vet you a pet go fetch me a bone
Got the vest on my chest index on the chrome
Mess from the tech when I wet you
I bet you motherf**ers really thinkin you're special
Theory got a message, you don't wanna catch this
Kinda like a virus all up in ya senses
Ima get violent k** em the trenches
Ima start climbin all up on ya fences

[Verse 2]
Sick of the stereotypes of white rappers like we all wanna be Eminem, that's backwards
You ain't never heard of some sh** like this, it's all original, open this package
Everything's dirty, r.i.p. to Bastard
Spit it like Wu-Tang, everything's cla**ic
Roll up the blunt two puffs and I pa** it
Wonder why your girl disappeared like magic
Swoop down like a pterodactyl I'm sick can you spare an apple, don't trip
I'm aware that I'm arrogant and tearin a**holes
You motherf**ers really better fasten your seatbelts
I cruise too fast in the coupe to get caught
Run up on the crew then your head'll get ripped off
I don't give a damn how much ya whip costs
Tryna look hard and you're knowin your sh**s soft
I'm a hitman smooth as ice I got moves like Ip Man f** ya life
I get loose in the booth like a poltergeist
You wanna play in the rap game well roll the dice

[Verse 3]
Trick I'm ill like John Wick I got two brunettes and a blonde chick
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The whole crew a buncha criminals and convicts
Somebody tell em that they really can't stop this
My minds like a spider web you make one wrong move they'll find ya dead
Yo I'll light sh** up like Simon Says
Don't f** with us that's common sense
This crackers about the cheese and I'll burn a rapper like calories
I need a box of blunts and a pound of weed and a chick bent over on a balcony
Sick and twisted, the kids a misfit
You can get popped like a can of biscuits
I get low like I'm ridin lip kits
Got these hoes tryna find their lipstick
Stop and listen, rock with this sh**
I ain't got nothin but a pot to piss in
Everybody tellin me I need a doctor visit
Well I ain't got time better stop ya b**hin

[Verse 4]
I'm dirty act like ya heard me gimme the mic back you cats are not worthy
See me in all black with plaques on the jersey
Semi is cocked back for rats that act nervous
Really I'm all that so that's all I'm servin
Baseball bats to ya cap with no purchase
Come get it it's free you motherf**er
I'll spit this sh** till you see you cocks**er
That I'm the truth serum, please don't get near him
Haters wanna tell me some sh** I can't hear em
Really I'm a venomous snake with six arms and big guns and sharp teeth you can get pissed on
Flow sicker than most spitters so roll with us
Hoes chillin with cold liquor and dope dealers
I'm too clean I smoke good I rap nice
I'm too mean I might snatch your wack ice
To be honest I don't really think you're f**in wit me
I've been livin like an animal and touchin titties
Everything I write is hot and yo I love my city
See me sittin serious spittin and rollin somethin sticky
I'm an insect quick to grip techs
This be that sh** they was tryna get
So we flipped the script and got quick to twist necks
Trick you better lick this dick or get left

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