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Theory2 - All On Me lyrics

[Theory: Intro]

Yeah yeah eyy yo it's Theory what it do
We gon do this one for the double seven three hoe

[Theory: Verse 1]

Chasing all my dreams yea they say it never be
Now they see me on the beat and everybody knows its theory
Everybody claim they beat me I said f** it ima make it
Another rapper they ain't f** with cause the colors full caucasian
You get it then you got it ain't no need for my persuasion
Spitting bars back and forth its verbal annihilation
My crew and I been walking by ain't no need for conversation
Cause we five deep in a five jeep get spotted like dalmatian
Just graduated I'm a youngen, so on these beats I get to cussing
Grab the microphone on tracks I get to hustling
Like a Brooklyn or Bronx pimp I got a New York State of Mind
From the apple to the bean I'm fighting like Illini
14 karats in my damn necklace ima let it shine
I'm all about my j**els like a clique of bandit crooks
Got bands in the coupe hope these cats crash like bandicoot
You get it ain't nobody ever k**ing my name
Cause everybody's taking shots I hit the buzzer beater drain
And someone once told me sh** won't ever be the same
I ain't never believe em now these people know my name
Cause when you go from down in the dirt to flying first cla**
They just recognize the art and they don't care about your past
They pray that you fail and hope you seated on your a**
I get up and go ey yo I'm bound to succeed
Chasing the green f** yall mean money don't define an MC
Cause if I wanted to sh** I could be broke forever
Begging for leftovers and claiming sh** ain't never been better
It's the heart, it's the pride, till I die or suicide
To keep my music on the running for the days that I'm alive
For the kids and youth for the teenagers and troops
All the elderly to gangstas peace sign to suwoops
This the type of sh** that they ain't never teach in school
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[Theory: Verse 2]

Going in hard I left em spinning like a vortex
Busting like raw s** my doubters be wanting some more it
Step to me it's the progression of the metamorphosis
Another white rapper well of course it is
I went from scratch up on my dinner plate to eating them steaks
Cause the goal was always the money I ain't care for the stakes
Never been a man in my clique who ever f**ed with a jake
I've always been that loco local I'm trying to rep my whole state
I'm bout to navigate to my destination at the top
Ain't nobody have what I had get your f**ing talent up
This is music for your ears I'm spitting all my fears
To whoever's getting near cause this is a new tier
I'm going and flowing and ripping a syllable
Taking my time when I'm spitting a rhyme k**ing cats and watch the crime rise
Spitting fire at MCs so every day has been a drill
If it ain't a bless you when I walk by pa** the man the benadryl
Get the money do it quicker ain't nobody been sicker
Doing dreams getting green I'm a microphone fiend
The newest breed of MCs to change the music
Been rocking these Nikes so now they know I just do it
See sometimes I be going and sometimes I be flowing
And the sh** that I done strided for these people claim it's stolen
Now these people heard me rap and they been saying that I'm to raw
Cause I'm k**ing all these cats like I'm a motherf**ing outlaw
Money on my head call me Bonnie and Clyde
I treat my music like my b**hes I hit it and press rewind
Ain't nobody else like me ever destined to shine
Another kid spitting some rhymes no I'm one of a kind
Ey yo I'm tired of being local headlining and going global
Ain't sh** ever been sweet I put MCs inside a chokehold
My motives were never needed but here's the kids plans
Make some music cause I love it I just never gave a damn
I did it for my moms and I done did it for my pops
Ain't sh** gonna change except the motherf**ing gwap

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