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Theoriii - The Spirit Molecule lyrics

[Mixed by Al Princ]

The Kabbalah is revealing to us
That the Pineal body is actually the very edge
Of the higher dimension, that is penetrating
Into our lower dimension, and it is located
Precisely in the middle of the brain

[Verse 1]
Every experience is normally all the same
But I offer you a brain change
A chemical formula on an extreme stage
The Spirit Molecule with several obstacles to obtain
But our brain has the same way of reaching it's
Own psychedelic plain
Small doses of DMT oceans wash and swarm the brain
During d**h and birth, a curse or
Blissful geoearth stranger than strange

Something to me that makes sense
About DMT, you call it the spirit molecule
It might almost be called, you know the
Reality molecule

[Verse 2]
Your subconscious needs no pompous nonsense
Or demons will reign
And drain the true purpose of this hurtless
Crystalline strain
See the mother goddess, creature complex
The universe reduced to a tiny point of light
Crazy right?
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Dimethyltryptamine, half-hour trip to see
A sea of sea-lions mouths made of stars and other entities

What we are looking for out there
Is really in here, it is the doorway

[Verse 3]
Similar to having a conscious dream, like LSD
DMT is spirits way of communicating naturally
No Disney movie hippy, people turning into Mickey
That's mainstreams ignorant interpretation of the trippy
Rather universal understanding of oneself, mind and reality
But that depends on your beliefs, karma, deepest subjectavity

Hahaha, subjectavity, that ain't even a real word n***a, hahaha

Enjoy your mind trip but don't trip on your mind
Reach a state of perfect enlightenment inside
*That's Right!*
You ever feel a complete nirvana?
Please don't tell your momma this ain't marijuana

A thousand years of experience, in 15 minutes


A molecule with a complex name and the simplest ability
To unlock the door to another dimension
And perhaps, just perhaps, our future evolution

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