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Theoriii - Serenity or Suicide (Succubus Edition) lyrics

[Mixed by The Tenth Man]

Do you really want to be dead forever?
Or do you just want the pain to go away?

The Foreign Exchange
Kendrick Lamar

Sometimes I wana leave
Sometimes I wana cry
Sometimes I hate to bear the truth
Sometimes I wana lie
Sometimes I wana school the youth
Sometimes I wana ride
Sometimes I wana not think
Sometimes I wana vibe
Sometimes I wana bump Tribe, and zone out
This song's bout a young girl
That's going wild inside, contemplating suicide

Her darkness lives high
Drains her future dry
You can't hear her cries
Off the bridge she sets flight
Her eyesight, sky, and concrete collide
Her daddy beats her a** too much
Lost her sense of touch
Damn the judge
Shes out of luck
Her heart is crushed
She looks in the mirror, she loves herself? No

Back at home singing songs
To lift her insecurity
Not enough to cure her insanity
4 white walls closing in
A demon lies within
Making sure she only sees
The darkness regularly

It wants the purest souls
Flying over your homes
Similar to the tenth plague
No red marked doors
And now lets draw
A picture of woman, struck with Aids, razor blades
Ex husband couldn't care more

Back and forth they argue
Superficial sh**
Back from school a bit early
"Moms not moving come quick!"
Mirror Mirror on the wall, wana skinny and tall
If I cut my wrist will I feel that I exist?
Mirror Mirror can't see, what you show is ruining me!
Public perception got her guessing her legitimacy
"Baby please, don't believe what the people say about you."
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She caught her breath and said, "I'm fine baby, thank you."

She's caught in her flaws
You can tell me that these blades are dangerous
But so are my thoughts - distraught - she's taught
To pray to the higher powers
Needs a permanent solution to match these
Dastardly desires
Wildfires burn the divine writers script before it hits the print

It's that inner pain
The one that's hard to explain
You feel it coursing through your veins
So hard to contain
When all you really want is to break sh**, leave the Earth
Not a hundred percent, so you smoke this, drink that
Quench your thirst of the question
The question you ask yourself, becoming an obsession
Existential crisis on the cards
The depression been fueling my bars
Though the scars remain dormant
Eclipse the stars, pour the darkness in the open
Release the farce, your inner light hasn't spoken
Awaken at last, let go of the past
Steadfast, unmask your true potential
The building blocks of life
The ones you need to fight!

Fake smile, dried eyes, scratched wrists, bruised thighs
White pills, rope tied, gun loaded, suicide
Inside you'll find the love that you need to thrive
The spirit loves regardless even if you failed when tried
So break future ripples of your dreams about humanity
And behold the clearer conscious, the serenity

One sad cold night
A girl sat in her chair
Picked up a gun as she ran her fingers through her hair
She sat, and cried, as she thought
"Everything that has happened has been all my fault."
She said
"If I was gone, this would all be better."
And she told him, "I love you now more than ever."
She said, "Trust me, this is for the best, you'll see
'cuz after I'm gone no more fighting and you'll be free."
She grabbed the bullet, and put it in the gun
She said, "I love you so much but now I have to run."
She said, "I'm sorry, I can't take this anymore
I've let down so many people I wish I could go back to before."
She grabbed the gun and pulled the trigger
Looked down at her chest as the pain grew bigger
Her eyes filled with tears and they started to pour
As soon as her family ran in
She fell to the floor

Everyone is somebody's everything X 3


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