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Theoriii - I Am lyrics

[Mixed by The Tenth Man]

And now, a formal introduction

I am...
The reason why violets aren't Blue
Come through the Muddy Waters
Lower the PH of Pure Hate and walk through
The mind of a messenger
Pure love my vernacular
Heart vector
Visionary cells in your sector

I am the reason why mothers give birth
Onto this earth
Replenish the timeline so you can see artwork in my verbs
The similes stimuli the tranquility, verbally
Theoretical diction comes gracefully

I am the reason why the builder refused
Sticks and stones break my bones
Known unknowns, things we don't know that we don't know
Oh no, I'm loosing the plot, where's my Halo
Stick around and niggas get shot, indigo ammo

I am the reason why we march in the streets
Can you feel the beat louder, from the beat down
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From crooked cops
New gang in my town
Employ outlaws, metaphorical pat down
The worlds getting ready for war, system meltdown

You are the reason life expectancy's low
Drop your bombs and go
Sleep like a baby, slavery maybe, new status quo
Generations changing, angels fading so you gotta go
Subtle flow, rocking the nation on a lighter note, the reason

Why, I've come for you

To change your mindsets no television
See this is my creation, thoughts, lane, my obligation
Artist with a mission, bars, brain and activism, Theoriii

I am the root you can't compute
The seed you plant to breathe
The Guy who Foxed the truth, from the Booth
Even though, I reside, from Purgatory
My soul was dipped, in the river, of Styx and glory

Don't ignore these lines of poetry
Know this I focus my mind with THC owed to me from deities
Listen please
No money, cars, profanity
The musical Edgar Cayce
I am Theoriii

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