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Theoriii - F.E.A.R. lyrics

[Mixed by Al Princ]

[Verse 1: Theoriii]
Ah, ye, ah, ye
Tears drop from my eye
A prophets cry
Seeing my species lose a battle
They can't even see
Or maybe they're just afraid of psychical expense
Though the soul hurts
It's a much greater consequence
Quick go get a tissue
It's a serious issue
Is you capable of changing your mean tool?
Disease, war, terrorists ain't no coincidence
They're planning everything since Genesis
Television amplified the evils, no peaceful
Message for the feeble, minded, this can't be legal
Making us acceptive to the violence, mindless guidance
We're riotous against it but thrive in it's reliance
Science has cured every disease twice times over
But making money off of you is for better torture
Torch the forger enforcer of horror and storm the borders
Even the former coroner can't sort this disorder

[Verse 2: Bubble Boy Tellem]
Hi Billy, or can I call you Willy?
Sorry to offend you but this weed got me silly
Tripping in the sense that I can't catch myself, can't catch my health
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Therefore I'm cruising in stealth, what else
Can help me from escaping from this nonsense
Underground rapping so they calling me conscious, nah
I just sit back and smoke trees, words only hit me when I'm feeling at ease
Schoolboy on my playlist, "The Birds And The Bees"
"I told yall I was gonna bump like this!"
Really all this smoke got me feeling like a maniac
Bubble Boy Tellem, ignorant, no brainaic
Theoriii spits words, damn smart, keep your brain intact
Me I'm opposite, dumb, give you brain attack
Rapping with a message seems to never get you bread
So I'd rather tell em kids take a pipe to the head

[Verse 3: Theoriii]
Forgetting everything about reality, and actually, morality rapidly becoming a fiction fantasy
Humanity, happily, cheering to kneel
Just False Experiences Appearing Real
F.E.A.R., fear!
Forget Everything And Remember! Never to surrender!
Treasure the true inventor!
Face Everything And Recover, your pleasure, together we can conquer the oppressor
I bet ya, we'll better, more clever, forever and ever
If you're a sinner say a prayer before you enter
Or prey on the pretender, a letter from the defender
I'm Theoriii or V from Vendetta, planning the 5th of November, fear!

F... E... A... R...
F... E... A... R...

[Al Princ]
Go ahead and fly away, it's your world

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