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Theophilus Martins - The Letter lyrics

[Theo Martins]
I said I work so hard
Rugby shorts on man I'm feeling posh
I said I feel like a star
Hard hat sitting tall, waiting on my call
I probably shouldn't be waiting, though
Anglo-saxon, heavenly angel flow
Angel food for all my pilot fish
Look it up, I'm a shark
Heroin, I'm a narc
Better yet I'm a smart guy, Tahj Mowry
Quantity over quality like Maury
But that's foul, I'm for the opposite
Do it all for the love, that's a true scholarship
No shots though
I've been witnessing all this rap flow
Fast food rapping
Rest in peace Sean
The devil playing in the ground like see-saw
But they don't hee-haw laugh, they don't see the physical
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Digital revolution, it is still spiritual
That I speak through the Pro-Tools
W-A-V flow, I am too cool
Waving at supporters, writing down my food order
We're just looking back nervous, knocking over water
Older covers confused like, "Who is this dude?"
You can't be a rapper, wearing boat shoes
I try to learn from mistakes I've never made
Watch rappers perform and dig they own grave
Embellishment while they're standing in the gold chains
Too excessive
They all slaves, behave
I said behave
Yeah, I said behave

You can't do this on television
It's not accepted here
Change that channel
Watch that
Censorship, you know
It's good and it's bad in a sense
Chris Connery

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