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Theophilus Martins - Look On The Bright Side lyrics

Because I always feel like running
(I'm not running no more from this shit man)
Not away-- because there's no such place
Because if there was, I would've found it by now
(That's right)
Because it's easier to run, easier than staying and finding out you're the only one who can run

[Verse 1: Theophilius Martins]
I ain't running from no shit no more, my nigga run it (running)
Passed the point where pain provides the hurt, I'm coming
And I'm on that shit they say I'm off again
Driving very fast, go blame the Michelin
Oh, man, Theophilius the third my nigga
Fuck that shit you heard, my nigga
All that talk for the birds, my nigga
Easy T like easy B
My flow so, um, mac and cheese
When I rack them cheese
My flow black, crack is back, '83
Wait, oh shit

[Bridge 1]
Cuz' running will lead away your life and mine will be [?]
(Nah, yeah more Perrier please)
As in the long run
Or as in having given someone a run for his money
(Two limes split that shit, split that shit)
Or as in running a return
Cuz' running makes me look like everyone else
Though I hope
(Stressed the fuck out nigga)
They will never be coming for that
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I don't know this shit (x3)
Because I will be running in the other direction
Not running from...

[Verse 2]
I ain't running from shit
I ain't running from shit
I ain't running from shit, my nigga
Face them fears, in between them tears
I became a man, my nigga
Told my mom and told my dad this shit
I'll be the man, my nigga
2015 is the year I feel is grand, my nigga
Feeling greater than I ever, ever felt
In that water, feeling like I'm Michael, Michael Phelps
I feel I'm living, feel I'm dying at the same time
Megan Ryan in the water, it's the same rhyme

[Bridge 2]
In order for there to be a depth, there's got to be light
Before there is passing, there needs to be a going
You gotta lose shit before you get it back
You gotta walk away before you turn around
Im not running no more, not running, not running

Yeah, yeah
Uh-huh, Uh-huh
Yeah, Theophilius the fucking Martins
Fucking Spot is still driving red carpet
Doing that shit for TV
Doing that shit for you
Doing that shit for me, too

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