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Theophilus Martins - Let Loose lyrics

[Intro / Hook: Oncue]
Yeah, I've been working all day
And all I want to do
I mean all I want to say
Please pour it to the top
I need this more than you
I need to let this go
I need to let loose
I need to let loose
Yeah, I need to let loose
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

[Verse 1: Oncue]
A million times I've ran this scenario through my head
You all alone I'm getting bread
You call my phone and get a dead
Signal you had no right
What the f** are you pissed for
I wanted that bank account
You big shot I wanted that quick fiss for
While you were straightening your pistol I was straightening my [fisco?]
Never been cocky but I still know I'm the sh** though
All the things thrown at me
Believe I got blessing from my mama
Had a little bit of a chance with my father being a crackhead
So from here on out I'm feeling on letting it go
And throw back a shot in a bill for my soul
During the summertime year it's always hot as f** out
And I'm trying to get a nut out
With these women with they butt out
One of a kind point 'em out
I know my flow be doper
Don't bring your girl around me, homey
I might motorboat her

[Verse 2: Nickelus F]
Dark liquor bringing light to my night
Drunk as hell but still precise in my sight
I can see that thumb print pressing through the pants
Weed loud but disconnected to an [ambience?]
See I got the smoke in the air and the drinks are poured
Hyped for the night though you see me on
You know my days run a god damn my weeks be long
So I hang loose like Dashiki on
[Pavlow] make em see wide [?]
Can't see my eyes can't see my bills
You can see I'm paid
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Got a license to ill
Wanna see my [age?]
She hit me up up then I knocked her down down
Then the next day I hit her up up
Now she crazy zipping around all town
And around town I'm known as
That rapper a**
Flowing a**
Can get down so low you need me a boat pa**
From VA to CT
On top is where you'll see me
Got a pocket full of money
Got a trunk full of shoes
And a bag of smoke come see me
I said


[Verse 3: Theo Martins]

I'm sitting on a pedestal
You know that I'm very full
That just means I'm eating well
Greedy if you couldn't tell
Ocean state grab a cell
Hammer time grab a nail
I am such a winner so you know that I could never fail
Everybody throwing shots
But to me they feel like darts
You should call them Liza Minnelli
The way they punching soft
Honestly they know the cause
Pay my dues now a boss
I'd rather be a leader aspiring these crazy thoughts
I think I'm Malcolm X
I know I'm Martin Luther
I feel I'm Bryant Gumbel
I need a camera sooner
Cause I just want to spend my time with you
Girl you know you have my heart
No lies all truth
Got the hookup Master P
All black no blue
Oncue that's my homey what it do
How are you


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