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TheBoogieman - Level$ lyrics

The Boogieman
Number one, you better wake up when rise the sun
This a job to and you need a f**ing phone
Number two, all the b**hes and n***as calling for you
You got what they need and they got your money to
Number three, all you thing about is in the money
Drug debts , hoes every kind of dirty honey
Number four, you never make money like this before
You can pay what you want and all what you need, Just open the door!
Number five, all the n***as around you want a figth
Figth motherf**er figth, figth until you die
Number six, you look like a devil making some tricks
Nobody know how you do and what you been through to smile on the mist
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Number seven, put all your enemies in the heaven
And you better be sure, if you understood you can go with them
Number eight, you better wake up and runaway
Or maybe tomorrow when you try it's gonna be late
Number nine, maybe some one attacks from behind
You can't trust nobody maybe the enemy is in your side
Number ten, in this f**ing business don't have friends
And you better know that sh** before get through the end
Every f**ing level makes you a motherf**er devil
You can try, you can grow we can do together
But your soul is sold and you not live forever
When you stay in hell say hello to the devil

Level$... [x3]

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