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The Wild Pair - Opposites Attract lyrics

[Verse 1]
Baby, seems we never ever agree
You like the movies and I like T.V
I take things serious and you take 'em light
I go to bed early and I party all night
Our friends are sayin' we ain't gonna last
Cuz I move slowly and baby I'm fast
I like it quiet and I love to shout
But when we get together
It just all works out

I take 2 steps forward, I take 2 steps back
We come together, cuz opposites attract
And you know it ain't fiction, just a natural fact
We come together, cuz opposites attract

[Verse 2]
Who'd-a thought we could be lovers?
She makes the bed and he steals the covers
She likes it neat and he makes a mess
I take it easy, baby, I get obsessed
She's got the money and he's always broke
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I don't like cigarettes and I like to smoke
Things in common? There just ain't a one!
But when we get together
We have nothin' but fun

[Chorus] (x2)

You know it, baby, baby
We come together
We come together

Baby ain't it somethin'
How we lasted this long?
You and me
Provin' everyone wrong
Don't think we'll ever
Get our differences patched
Don't really matter
Cuz we're perfectly matched

[Chorus] (x2)

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