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The Weather Man - The Weather Man lyrics

[Verse 1: HUZZAH]
I like my blunts fat and my b**hes thicker
Used to have morals but she gone of the liquor
Told her that i rap, get her clothes off quicker
I bet she show her a** for a 10deep sticker
Hol' up, we rolling blunts long as a machete is
Heard you smoke loud but you don't know what the heady is
You in a trap, yeah where reggie is
And bet a couple dollars that you're hoe ain't where she says she is
Crooks n***as and we on like a lightswitch
In the function getting jaded with a white b**h
Problem allato, guess i hit the lotto, cause when i bought a home she resemble Demi Levato
You know the motto, money over hiz-oes, never love a b**h but let her pay for all my cliz-othes
Gizzo, im niz-ice, chase cheese like miz-ice, f** with the Crooks and tapdance on thin ice
We 'bout it, bout it, you competition i doubt it, doubt it
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Tryna get faded, we got the buddah dont leave without it
Sly tendecies, hanging like a tenticle, you under the underground we hanging at the penicle
Sitting on more money then timeshares, while fake n***as is dumber then dark b**hes with blonde hair
Hoes tell me they love me but f** it i don't care
'Lijah had these silly hoes jumping out they underwear
White lies, nice try, too much of a nice guy, watching SNL i got the humor of a white guy
This mid-life crisis, tell me whose the nicest
I bag hoes like thrift sweaters with no prices
I'm ill, haters can't catch up still
As i go over n***a's heads like the greem on your bill
Its no mercy when the verse hit, its a cold war
Stay cussing, dirty mouth, cold sore
Whatever man, im all about my cheddar man
'Lijah getting mad hoes wet, call me the weatherman
Yous a freshman, I'm a veteran
b**h you jocked a n***a, no let 'em in

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