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The USA Is A Monster - The Hobokon lyrics

The Hobokon exhale the name
To-wards the dawn repeat the action again
To-wards the ground in recognition
To-wards the sky the four directions
The here and now pa** it on next to you
The Hobokon repeat the action again

So many characters dead
So much history lost thrown away -
Nations, neighborhoods, individual minds
Pa**ed and
Pa**ed on
To where
Gone and
Gone forever
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The USA nature's worst enemy
A government no representatives
For spirit worlds of plants and animals
No Hobokon save in small circles of openness
Visions of unity is up in smoke
Repeat the action

The government does not represent
The natural world in any way

The discontent experiment
Try connect respect to understand

The native nations near destroyed
Conquest leaves a vacuum

Help to learn to love and feel
A conscience that's been swept aside

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