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The USA Is A Monster - Riff Scientist lyrics

Reggae lucky and maximum
If its born it lives Riff scientist
Anti pro-positive
Pro-active a-bluegra** -
I can't explain my whole life
A part of me feels insane
Vision's dementia
Time can't erase
My past life
Lobotomy free my pain
Stasis inertia
Open arm and hope for kings
Spread your force breath fire and mean it
Plagues between my one desire
And tearing through the cerebellum

I cannot change my whole life
Apology pre-arranged
Pa** it on once again
I can not escape my past
Wiped out stain cleanest crave
Why don't we attempt to fly with broken wings
Make your mind refuse rational thinking
Molotov flashed into my eyes
Ripped flesh in two it goes
I can not change my whole life
Lobotomy free my brain
Tacked on revenge's pain

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Taste the sun
Bleed rain


Inspiring dance
Defeating robot cyclone
Don't rebuild the towers
Past example
Let the soil cover human failure
Please release the spirits from the guilty
Only by returning will they be free

Touring crossing several nations
Hopeful big as the highway is long
Endless dots to connect where music is strong

Saint rock
Roll Magellan
Hoping courage
Mosh rebellion

Let the soil cover human failure
Let the soil cover human failure

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