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The USA Is A Monster - ML King of the Punks lyrics

Crack in the sidewalk cracks
Pavement chaos
Splitting atoms faded
Life is redundant
Project trash
Boarded up run out
Graffiti peeling paint
A million faces
Junkies nun
"Out a-hole"

One step easily leads to another
All these sinners-lies honesty it's all the same
Another opinion another person

Wave groove nostril oxygen breath
Deep the abstraction and tunnel forward
G-force shakes stresses you out or suffocate

Should we just get up, do our sh** here right now
What is wrong
Every song every second is about total expression of it all at once by me
Maybe too much
Hours of grocery shopping
Showered with arrogance
All I want are legs up in the air
Painted toenails look good now

Now sh** has gone from bad to worse
Chaos breeds incompetence
Floating bouncing from one problem to another
Dents careening off-ward
Sadness and confusion
A lot of these fools know how the world works
A lot of these fools ain't naive
A lot of these fools do it on purpose
White power Christian fundamentalists
Everyday Race war
Every minute counts
Every second is not half a second ahead
That's too much potential disappointment for you
Take it back
A half second your last
Cemetery stone
Bulldoze them and make woods
Rusty metal graveyards
Backhoe underground
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Melt it all
Unplug and be gone
Gung ho Apocalypse
Hell yeah
Laughing with my friends In my mind in a tree by myself

You can work all the time if you want to
You can find it quite easily
But all that working
Will make you busy
You may think and talk on and on about it
Yeah you're so busy with your cool career
But all your sh**
Looks sounds the same to me
Subliminal life patterns
Infinity punch lines
Sad pathetic days
Force turned inward
Ignorance experiments
It's all insane
Crunched snapped cyber frantic
Gay old white men
Coming over for dinner y'all
Addiction repetition


New York City retard
Keep it together bro
This sh**'s the fun
Deep seated scathing underground
Competing for attention
Losing longing smiling
Spoiled babies hate each other
Hand carved garbage

Forget democracy elections stolen either way
About winning defeat
Ignoring distraction
Destruction priority's priority
Irresponsible behavior
Un-survivable impact
Hoarding and murder

"Radical redistribution of economic power"

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