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The USA Is A Monster - God Is Red lyrics

This story starts with Leonard Peltier
The man accused of shooting FBIs
Just like his ancestors before him
His destiny was sealed by thieves and liars
And now he spends his life in prison
A civil metaphor of reservation life
What message in the published writings
And if you read them could they change your mind

Through fields of marijuana
Lived relatives of our friend
Their great grandma's were sisters
His door was open and we went in
Across the sea there is no answer
But I forgot the question
The phasing horns of shepherds
I'll never hear it the same again

How many voices lost in anger
For families murdered and the reasons why
And for a single psychic moment
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The universe all heard the spirit's cry
Is this the sounds of new age music
Does Chief Mank**er have the strongest will
And did you know that trees have voices
Yes you can hear them if you stand real still

Worlds will fall apart
Still pieces remain
And these are old languages spoken to God
And that God is red
And that God is here
In the earth beneath cement
And in the sky

Hand that shot the arrow grabs the plow
Symbolic of the forced life style change
Commune becomes square divided land
This the people never understand
Now the story ends with Sitting Bull
Last man of his tribe to give it up
A flawless leader of his people's way
k**ed on reservation by his own

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