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The Twilite Tone - Put The Guns Down (G Herbo Verse) lyrics

[Verse 1: G Herbo]
I Come From The Bottom
Where The Shawties Shootin Eachother For A Couple Dollars
Homicide Cuz Yo Side Said His Side Had Problem
It Results To The Drama
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k**in For Honor They Dont Think About Your Mama
They Love The Instagram But They Dont Think About The Commas
You n***as Copy Cats Im Doin This And Yall Doin That
Yall Want The Robin Jeans The Gucci Belt The Louis Hat Im Up On Bigger Things Like f** A Plane Lets Do A Jet
I Bought A Pinky Ring Like f** The Rings And Flew The Vette, But Nah Foreal Before You Pull The Trigger What If You Was Next Im Gone...

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