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The Twilite Tone - Put The Guns Down (G Herbo Verse) lyrics

[Verse 1: G Herbo]
I Come From The Bottom
Where The Shawties Shootin Eachother For A Couple Dollars
Homicide Cuz Yo Side Said His Side Had Problem
It Results To The Drama
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Killin For Honor They Dont Think About Your Mama
They Love The Instagram But They Dont Think About The Commas
You Niggas Copy Cats Im Doin This And Yall Doin That
Yall Want The Robin Jeans The Gucci Belt The Louis Hat Im Up On Bigger Things Like Fuck A Plane Lets Do A Jet
I Bought A Pinky Ring Like Fuck The Rings And Flew The Vette, But Nah Foreal Before You Pull The Trigger What If You Was Next Im Gone...

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