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The Twilite Tone - I Don't Like lyrics

Girls that don't do girls, that's that sh** I don't like
Dick in her mouth, b**h eatin' her out, that's that sh** my girl like
I'm layin' back with my feet up, bad b**h: D cups
All I had was one molly, she took half: prenup
I just licked my thumb and thumbed through that p**y like a catalog
All my n***as wanna f**, and she gon let us like a salad bar
Yeah that's right, real sh**, murderer, I k** k**
Cash Money, cash cow that never cry over spilled milk
I'm way high on the highway, my girl call to get my lies straight
That machine gun go "brrrrr" like I got that b**h on vibrate
n***as think they hot, I cut off the hand they fan with
Call me DMX, cause I keep me a bad b**h
T called some of them hoes up, Marley G roll up
I'm gettin' bread like cold cuts, she s** dick till her nose run, yeah

A rich n***a that that sh** they don't like
All you n***as pussies, none of you pussies tight
Gettin' head while I drive make me run lights
These hoes wanna ride my dick you gotta hitchhike
No lie, I'm f**in' b**hes and gettin' paid
She s** my dick for 60 seconds and swallow all my Minute Maid
No lie, I'm gettin' paid and f**in' b**hes
The Feds on me, gotta switch plates
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In the streets we call that washin' dishes
Left hand on that steering wheel, right hand on the nine-milly
T-roll my blunt long as a lifespan then I k** it
Eatin' p**y, tongue kissin' and all that
She ridin' a n***a so fast, my dick feel like it's been carjacked
Two guns drawn, art cla**, what that is that's y'all a**
Mo' money, mo' money, we gettin' mow like tall gra**

We are not one and the same
Blood is the gang, it run in my veins
I bagged your b**h then f** her
Now come get your b**h from baggage claim, n***a!
Dr. Carter, f** her harder
All my homies bald, n***a
And guess what? I'm the barber
I'm too high; if I come down my fat pocket's my shock absorber
Like Hank Gathers I'mma die a baller, you flamin' faggots put him out with water
Ugh! See that's that sh** I don't like
Knock off your whole left side, now you all right
Yeah white diamonds, Vanilla Ice
My n***a Tunechi, yeah that n***a nice
Dedication 4, ho
(My n***a Tunechi, yeah that n***a nice)
CB f** with me!

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