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The Twilight Hours - Queen of Tomorrow lyrics

I wanna tell you how I came to be a broken man
I was living with the singer in a local band
Such a sweet situation I don't understand how it could
End up in sorrow

Week day mornings she would leave for work
To be the second secretary to a postal clerk
I would remain on the sofa watching Captain Kirk
My main man of tomorrow

No mercy how she let me down
Now I know Queen Mary don't fool around
I keep calling information but she flew away
To the city by the ocean where she lives to day

Where are you, I wonder?
No number' no number

She had a blue Rickenbacker lying on its back
And a colossal home stereo speaker stack
With a customized quarter inch input jack
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And it was hard not borrow

But I remember that she told me when she turned to go
Don't play that guitar through my stereo
Those are hand me down speakers and they're bound to blow
And I can't stand the sorrow

Well the hair on my Mary was burning red
And her clothes made a circle all around her bed
She was a decent little singer, the band was called
Queen of Tomorrow

Well I'm dedicated amateur electric hack
And there was heavy temptation from the speaker stack
When she came home early and the sh** was jacked she said

I got a job as a dime store clerk
And know her song is on the speaker every day at work
I keep dreaming of the palace where she lives today
I keep hoping I can see her when she comes to play

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