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The Tuna Helpers - Chicken Of Sea lyrics

Pretty girl
Likes to tango
With the elephant man
And slurp pink oysters
And save their shells
To where around her neck
On her wedding day
And she will
She will
Marry A porpoise
And he will
He will
Teach her to swim
And certainly in no time
She will rule the sea
Pretty has A gift
Has A tool
Has A hurt
And she can carve A hurt
Like A jack-O-Lantern
Disguised as A great shark
On her honey moon night
She did
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She did
Swallow the weak fish
And she did
She did
Swallow her husband because certainly
He wasn't big enough
To rule the sea
I couldn't be her favorite pet
I couldn't wash her feet
With my hair
I couldn't give her
What she needs
To be the most beautiful
Chicken of the sea
Pretty has A hurt
Has A stomach ache
A belly full of weakness
And A broken tail
So she drowns
She chokes
On the salt of their tears because she knows
Yes she knows
That they could have been hers and certainly A chicken
Wasn't meant to rule the sea

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