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The True Frost - Black Sun Rising lyrics

Grim and sober I am on the eternal quest
For the lost splinter of Lucifer's crown
Which gleams like hellfire's charcoal
Which gleams with sardonic wrath
Through the thick fog of the outside world
Disillusioned and determined I am
As the quest goes ever onward
Through vast fields of infernal wastelands
Through the darkness of the underworld
I remember when the oath was sworn
I remember when the covenant once was written in blood
Satan takes his due now
To drive the seeker onward with his inexorable trident
The gateway is hemmed by ghastliest of demons
The left handed path, coiled like the serpent
Of the underworld itself
Down along the haunted path
The downward spiral to the pits to hell
Visita Inferiora Terrae Rectificando Invenies Occultem Lapidem
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Everlasting quest for the emerald struck from Lucifer's crown
I visit the forgotten chambers beneath the earth
Where chthonic streams of ancient powers flow
Doomed to eternal quest for the infernal treasure
Marked as my hope and its destroyer
The cursed and lost divinity in exile
The fallen star of the crown of Lucifer
The shimmering trapezohedron
Gnostici Noscuntur Omnem Scientiam In Satana
Destined to eternal quest
To reach the state of gnosis:
Saturn g. n. o. s. i. s.
I shall be the knowing
Cursed to eternal quest
Forever until...
Until I see the Black Sun rising
For the Blackening, when putrefaction is done
For the Whitening, when spirituality is unfold
For the Reddening, when the unlimited is reached

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