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The True Frost - Beyond the Portals to Darkness lyrics

Void condensed to the maximum
Immensity of the empty space
Magnificient never-ending night
Beyond all possible worlds
Into the vacuum, eternal nothing
Everlasting never, vortex of oblivion
This is the absolute
High above all relativity of the causal universe
Abstract silence - The great abstinence
The house of d**h - Paranormal womb
Of cosmic spheres - Where all relativity fades to black
Where even d**h has died
Unspeakable certainty
Without mercy, without pity
Where time and space collide
Pandemonic terrible wasteland
Manifestation of hades
Source of ultimate wisdom
Static form of hell
Frozen down to absolute zero
Mirror image of microcosmos
Where eternities come and pa** by
– unnoticed
Where the future has died long ago
And the past is not even born
Where the all-consuming power of the fourth dimension
Bows itself into the insignificance of a ring
With its frayed dead ends fused together
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The primal chaos
Which once created cosmos
The utter darkness
Which once gave birth to light
The blackest void
Source of all
The beyond world
Paradox matrix of existence
Origin of all demons and devils
The acausal universe
Beyond the limits of a human mind
Yet undeniable
Where all dreams and nightmares are born
Where all verified norms and established values are corroded
Timeless labyrinth of contradictions
Impossible to sooth a human mind
Erroneous garden of insanity
Built with angles of madness
Where we have been when we were dead
Where we will go when we are dead again
The highest level of evil
Ageless and timeless, vast desolation
This is the truest face of satan
A face without eyes and with a silent mouth...
...Beyond the portals to darkness

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