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The True Frost - Behind the Black Mirror lyrics

In my sacred dreams
I have reached you so often
Felt your presence behind the black mirror
Oh, lord of darkness
Grant me what is righteously mine
Reveal to me your mystery
Through the sacred gate
I reach the world beyond
Manifestation behind the black mirror
Demons and immense darkness
I dive into the other side
Exploring the ancient mystery
My black mirror - behind it lies ...
My prism of evil - behind it lies ...
Through angles of weirdness
I am focused
On the virtual image
Behind it lies ...
Appearance of a strange shape
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Refractions of the dark side
Sinister reflections of the past
Demonic reflections of my self
I grab in my face in the mirror
And carve my will into the reflectance
Modification of the matrices yonder
Interaction with the manifested world
- with hidden aspects of darkness
- on the spectral line
- of my demon twin brother
- to the counter-reality
- with the face of the goat
I summon thee, unholy spirit, from behind the mirror
Come forth from the void

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