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The True Frost - Nightside Bond lyrics

Temple of the Dragon, I speak the consecration
Hekal Tiamat, o hear the invocation
Dragon womb of demons, I show the secret sign
Transcend, evoke, the ancient bloodline
Rite of the dreambook, Necromanteion communion
The Undead Gods, in ceremonial union
On the astral plane, their presence to reveal
Emerging from the void, their powers I will feel
Arise ... come forth, from beyond
Manifest ... reveal, the nightside bond
Rise up, from the abyss
Appear, from beyond
Bestow, infernal powers
Enact, the nightside bond
Gate to hell
Cast the spell
Nightside, hellborn
Nightside, devil's spawn
Nightside, gate to hell
Nightside, cast the spell
Unholy incantation, nightside witching hour
I perform The Calling, to receive infernal power
Mystical energy, satanic invisible force
Springs forth from the void, from the nightside source
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Call the infernal names, ancient spirits of the night
Thus I'll show allegiance, to the dark side
From the realm of shadows, wisdom and truth so obscure
Black magick will flow, into flesh and blood so pure
Nightside ... open wide, tonight
Nightside ... demons stride, unholy night
Become alive
Unearthly strife
The ancient ones
Nocturnal sons
Follow the tradition
Of the priesthood of Ur
Evoke soulside ignition, fiery spawn inside
Summon the unholy fire
Enlightenment from beyond
Fulfil my dark desire, fiery spawn alight
The nightside now is open, the portal is enacted
With the forces of darkness, I am fully connected
Undefiled wisdom, is mine to partake
Restoring the lifeforce, shall never forsake
When this nightside fades away
My dreams of the night
Leave footprints in the day
This is the Twilight...
So mote it be!

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