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The True Frost - As Rays of Black Light (Neidstange) lyrics


"Three curses I throw upon you
And just as three-fold ice
All ferocious spirits and everything grim grabs
Full of grief and nasty warts
Your wretched soul - hell has called you now! "


You have been judged
By our court
Time is right
To seal your fate
A black magick rite
The ancient spell
For you my foe
Spoken is your doom


"Away wimps, the powerful come
Cliffs stagger, the world tremble
Stormy weather burst out, the powerful come
Evil I wish unto your chest
That poisonous adders gnaw at your heart
That your ears forever be dumb
And your eyes turn inside out! "


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In the dead of a starless, awful, cold night
After the ceremony of the slaughtered horse
Deep in the heart of your home I stab the stick
Carved with archaic symbols of d**h, topped with a severed horse-head
Horse-head is gazing with dead empty eyes
Through your mind and right into your subconscious

(Magical effects)

Deadly destructive powers of the underworld
Streaming out of the soil into my stick
Up to the horse-head transforming energy
Radiating materialised hatred, as rays of black light
Horse ́ eyes now agleam with infernal wrath
Will persecute you wherever you may go
The three-headed thurse to crush your soul
The three winters of ice to freeze you in stillness

(Curse continued)

"Dwarfs, beasts and witches shall burn your house
Giants shall hate you, steeds shall violate you
Straw shall pierce you, storm shall tangle you
Woe to you if you do not my will!
Six come here: Say their names!
Decode them all - I show them to you
If you do not know as I put it right
So vanish in Hel ́s domain, ripped apart by dogs! "
"Your soul, though, may sink into hell! "
This is dedicated to my enemies, may this curse grind you down!

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