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The Trishas - The Fool lyrics

Let's talk about this fool that I'm sure we both know
She's tryin to stand on her own after fallin once more
She's too quick to let some one in
She's crazy as hell when she drinks too much gin
She wants to feel needed, but she never felt more alone
She watered her garden in hopes it would trigger a flood
Life is too short and too long to live stuck in the mud
The rain never lasts very long
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She chases those storms no matter how strong
She sees the wheels turning but really she's digging a rut
She smiles like an angel in daylight but breaks after dark
She's managed to love you with one big old hole in her heart
So let her down easy tonight
She longs to feel love, but don't hold her too tight
She thinks that she wants you, she really needs anything but
So let's talk about this fool that I'm sure we both know

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