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The Tribe - Banging the Drum lyrics

What a difference a day makes
There's a change in the weather
One minute it was stormy
Now the sun shines forever

I dream of a new world
A change is going to come again
Yesterday I hadn't met you
Now will it ever be the same (Be the same)

Keep on banging the drum
Keep singing the song
That's what we're gonna do, yeah
And the rhythm goes on
Keeps moving along
To the sound of you

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It used to be lonely
And I never felt right
Now you put a spell on me
And I feel so good inside

I'm without an alibi
And arrested by your smile
I don't want to say goodbye
I just want you to stay awhile


I'm trying to be something that you wanna hold
When you're in need
I'm trying to be someone who is always there
Always there for you

Chorus x2

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