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The Thornlie Boys - The Men Behind The Wire lyrics

'Twas a cold and grey November morn, as I left Belfast town
In a cold and lonely prison van, for Long Kesh I was bound
'Cause my spirit was unbroken and my heart was still un-found
Why, I knew that i'd soon be with the men behind the wire

When the judge had pa**ed my sentence and the warder took me down
I cried out no surrender bless the red hand and the crown
But grant me just one favour, that is my one desire
Please let me serve my sentence with the men behind the wire
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There were many things so strange to me and many more I knew
His only cry was Loyalty to the old red white and blue
And the love for dear old Ulster, Even in the darkest hour
He'd shine with them these loyal men, the men behind the wire

And when this war is over and our victory is won
Let us not forget the sacrifice made by these loyal sons
They were staunch and true for me and you so lift your gla**es higher
Where would we have been without them, the men behind the wire

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