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The Terrordactyls - Swimming lyrics

Follow me into the sea
We'll see a fish or two
We'll see the seaweed
Waving back and forth at us

You and I
We'll swim into the dark
Until our bodies implode
And our heart stop beating together

Well, it's lonely at the bottom
And it's lonely at the top
It's in the middle that I found you
Painting smiles in a large smock

I would swim next to you forever
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But I fear that you will tire of me
And drift off with a shark

The coral and the clown fish
Are extremely colorful
But I would rather swim with you
I rather hope that you would too

Well, I haven't got a harpoon
And I haven't got a spear
But there isn't anything to hunt
Anyway way down here

It's funny, but I haven't got a clue
As to how one would fall in love with you
But I still wish you'd stay
For an hour or two

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